Bath seat store Silcox Son and Wicks starts the winter sale

December 28, 2016 - accent chair

Bargain hunters have queued given Boxing Day night to get forward of a sale during Bath’s Silcox Son and Wicks.

From mattresses to mirrors, a series of equipment have been ignored for a store’s annual winter sale.

Bathonians braved a cold temperatures, that forsaken to 1C this morning, by station in a Kingsmead Square queues.

The emporium non-stop a doors to a sales shoppers during 8am currently (December 27).

Carer Merryn Roper saved over £300 on a Cedric Accent Chair after queuing from 4am. She said: “I’ve seen a sale on over a years though have never been before. It was good to be means to have a chair that we wanted.”

Natalie Shinn, also from Bath, managed to constraint a hulk Rhino reduced from £199 to £49.

Shoppers Lorraine Sheldon and her daughter-in-law Emma were among a initial in a queue. But even they had been beaten by penetrating seat buyers who had reportedly been watchful outward given 9.30pm a prior night.

Lorraine who assimilated a reserve during 7am said: “This is where we always buy a furniture. we had wanted a bed though that’s already gone.”

The queuing shoppers this morning

Guillaune Viera, 30, changed to a city centre from France usually days before Christmas and was looking for an array of furniture.

He said: “A mattress would be my initial choice this morning, or a mirror. There’s a lounge we also wish if it’s not taken.”

Another unchanging store shopper said: “I’m going for a lounge bed and a counterpart and a missus has sent orders for a throw.

“I got here during 7.15am though there were still 42 people in front of me!”

Natalia Abu-Asfar of Larkhall had been queuing given 7.40am. She said: “I’m looking for a new lounge and maybe a wardrobe. It depends on prices and apparently we wish a bargain.

“I came here before so I’m anticipating there are things that I’ve seen and like that are on sale.”

Steve Wicks, owners of Silcox Son and Wicks, said: “We have had a good start to a sale this year – we are always disturbed that people competence not uncover up, so we are relieved and grateful that so many people braved a cold to reserve adult so early.

“The initial day is always a many sparkling and all a group here unequivocally suffer it. Not usually do we get to transparent a room prepared for a new collections entrance in though the sale provides shoppers with a genuine event to buy peculiarity seat during amazingly low prices.”

The sale lasts until all equipment have been sold. The store is regulating a ticketing complement to control a upsurge of shoppers.

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