At a Savannah Philharmonic: Serbian musician proves violin has a ‘cool’ factor

August 22, 2016 - accent chair

Living in Eastern Yugoslavia, now Serbia, Sinisa Ciric schooled to play a violin when he was 7. The preparation module gave children a possibility to attend song propagandize if they showed talent early on. 

Six years after he entered a high propagandize focused on song education. Part of his compulsory curriculum was to learn to play a piano. But he was a teenager. So unofficially, he chose to supplement a guitar to his repertoire, for a cold factor.

“I had a rope and we played stone music,” he said, of march still focused on a violin in school. “There was no place afterwards for a violin. we had to learn a guitar to be cool. we switched to a bass guitar after a year. It was something we used to fit in.

“Classical song always has this grounds of something that is apart from a wider population. If we are a kid, generally a boy, we always had this plea to fit in. You have to uncover we are totally able of doing all else as boys do, so we played sports and done certain we was wise in.

“I found after on how to be cold with a violin.”

He is now a unison master for a Savannah Philharmonic Orchestra, and in January, he became a executive of a strings conservatory for Savannah Classical Academy, a magnanimous humanities licence propagandize that will enhance to learn K-12 by 2019. While he had been spending most time in Savannah given January, in late Jul he strictly changed down from Atlanta.

“It was apparent we was all wrong about not wise in with a violin,” he said. “It was only a matter of flourishing up. Later on it became nonessential to play a guitar since we could do so most some-more with a violin.”

He schooled to do so with preparation and experience. He warranted an undergraduate grade from a Academy of Arts, University of Nofi Sad (Yugoslavia). He was active in a array of Eastern European orchestras. In 2001, he changed to Atlanta for connoisseur propagandize during Georgia State University. He afterwards warranted a master’s and a doctoral grade in violin and viola opening from a University of Georgia in Athens. He has been a unison master of a New Atlanta Philharmonic, Gwinnett Ballet Orchestra, a Rome Symphony and a Jackson Symphony Orchestra in Tennessee.

While during a University of Georgia, he shaped a Balkan Quartet with dual other people from Serbia and a fourth from Bulgaria, all attending a university during a time. They were dual violins, a viola and a cello producing folk song from Southeastern Europe, or a Balkan Region, including Greece. It is a exemplary fibre party for that he has created arrangements.

The Balkan Quartet has participated in a Savannah Philharmonic’s Chamber Music Series, and he hopes to pierce a organisation behind subsequent season.

In March, Ciric was one of dual Philharmonic soloists during a guest coming by hobo jazz musicians Velvet Caravan, whose member Ricardo Ochoa also plays violin for a Philharmonic. Ochoa was a other soloist and wrote a arrangement they debuted that evening. Ochoa and Ciric are formulating an stretched chronicle of that arrangement formed on Balkan music, that they wish to entrance subsequent season.

As a unison master in Savannah, during a start of a performance, he is on theatre before a conductor to comfortable adult a orchestra. He afterwards sits to a audience’s left of a conductor, in a initial chair.

“My pursuit within a band is to communicate a summary of a conductor,” he said, to make a performances some-more cohesive. “That enhances a knowledge for a assembly as we are all bringing a same message.”

He’s been with a Philharmonic for 6 years. Now relocating to Savannah, with his Philharmonic commitments and his Savannah Classical Academy development, he will concentration some-more on family and educational overdo programs.

“I did not have giveaway time for utterly a while,” he said. “The reason I’m relocating to Savannah is to get some giveaway time to spend with my kids and family. we spent a lot of time roving and training privately. we felt it was time to find a place where we can suffer a slower gait and have some-more time for a kids.

“When it came to make that decision, to pierce from Atlanta to Savannah, it came with this in mind. I’m not relocating to a new city that we don’t know. It’s a opposite form of move. I’ve been with a Philharmonic for 6 years. we met a lot of people. It led to a pursuit we have now. we have a lot of friends. Savannah supposed me before we moved.

“Some people consider if we are not vital there, we are not a partial of it,” he said. “That was never a case. The Philharmonic had always been a No. 1 thing for me. Now that we am here, we will take full advantage of it.”

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