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October 23, 2014 - accent chair

 What’s New for 2014

You have copiousness of fashion-forward character for this fall. Best of all, we can daub into any one of a tip 10 character trends though creation over your home!

So stone out in bold-colored accents or a one-of-a-kind accent chair, live a high life with a bar table, or widen out with an ottoman.


It’s a hottest (or is it a coolest!) neutral tone going—and gray creates a ideal backdrop for casual, contemporary, exemplary or transitory furniture. Best of all, gray isn’t only for fabrics anymore! This charming tone is lending a reposed, weathered vibe to timber and metal, too.

Simultaneously stylish and well-aged, gray is as stylish as it is comfy; a ideal paint for each ambience and locale… from a city to a nation or anywhere in between!

This fall, demeanour for thespian all-gray room schemes that use only light and dim variations on a singular gray. Or span your favorite hazed gray with this season’s confidant new accent colors.


Indigo, cobalt, cerulean, turquoise. Clear, splendid blues are bringing their refreshing, cold vibe indoors this fall.

Deeper-hued than a light sauna blues and aqua greens of a past few years, these flowing desirous hues are marrying good with plain or patterned surfaces. They’re enchanting with white, innate for silken finishes, and means to supplement a bold, complicated turn to exemplary or country accents.


Recalling pleasant fruit platters and powerful drinks, lovely citrus-colored accents are using a progression from tangerine to blood orange, grapefruit to lime. These juicy, honeyed ‘n green hues feel complicated and new… and are certain to lend a breezy, confident vibe to any room!


Big, musical nails once trustworthy fabric to a seat frame. Today, it seems we’re trustworthy to them!

Nail heads are here to stay… carrying upped their diversion of late, and refusing to be cramped to only traditionally-styled seat (or even only to sofas and chairs, for that matter!) Bands of glossy spike heads are popping adult on all from chairs and tables to ottomans, headboards and cabinets; an superb proceed to supplement a hand-crafted texture.


It’s where everybody knows a name… and a homes are a ideal place for a slight bar-style list with pull-up stools. Whether we cite your list to be counter-height (36”) or pub tallness (42”), these compress tavern-inspired tables symbol a mark for a infrequent happy hour (or two!) with friends and family. They’re also compress adequate for eat-in kitchens.


Pierced patterns are as renouned as ever, charity a bold, complicated turn on exemplary patterns from Greek keys to gazebo and crooked motifs.

Our latest collection of pierced-pattern accents takes a some-more understated proceed to this conform brazen trend. Subtle colors supplement only a spirit of aspect texture, while interlocking circles and fishnet textures offer a stylish magnificence fitting a oppulance penthouse. These ethereal patterns are ideal for bed linens, lamps and even artwork… and simply brew with striped or floral motifs.


Got a passion for art, conform or travel? Crave one-of-a-kind pieces – and have your possess singular proceed of mixing them? A adore of racial farrago is a heart of today’s civic life, and it’s never been easier (or some-more in vogue!) to demonstrate one’s point-of-view by tellurian settlement traditions.

This chic, cross-cultural mindfulness a transformation as most as a trend; one that celebrates a astonishing brew of artisanal seat and exotically-crafted accents as a character in a possess right!


Accent chairs go anywhere today, and they don’t need to go with a sofa—even when they’re in a same room. Able to mount on their possess 4 feet, these free- wheeling, one-of-a-kind pieces entice a one-of-a-kind treatment… and settlement is today’s diagnosis of choice! Best of all, bustling patterns can be improved on accent chairs—since they’re too tiny to overwhelm, though need some attitude! So go for a propensity with enterprising stripes, circles, zigzags, floral patterns or paisley prints.


No abode in your home? No funnel in your chambers? No problem!

A crafty grate cupboard promises fireside ambiance and regard to foot (…they affordably feverishness an whole room!) They’re also sized for a vast shade TV, though compress to fit into a tiny vital room or bedroom.


They might be small, though they’re capturing fans everywhere.

Ottomans are zero brief of a materialisation today—with vast ones branch into coffee tables and benches for additional seating,and tiny ones dropping anchor subsequent to chairs as footrests.

Our new ottoman styles are packed with personality, recalling outlandish designs, celebrating hand-crafting or only branch a heads with sharp-witted textures, buttons, spike heads and a content summary or two!

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