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April 26, 2017 - accent chair

Local designers supplement singular flourishes to furnishings

Photo pleasantness Gambrell Renard

Gambrell Renard

Cowhide, sheepskin, fur and abounding leathers are favorite seat coverings in normal Texan or plantation homes, though engineer Gambrell Renard gives them a possibility to suffer a wider appeal. “My character is a brew of normal American with complicated lines and a country flair,” says Renard, a former conform sales deputy with an eye for a unexpected. In his portfolio, industriously painted furs and printed skins cover oversized chuck pillows or classical seat frames, while hides showcase their healthy beauty on clean-lined sofas or around a edges of neat mirrors. Though his work is already one-of-a-kind, he’s always on a hunt for new, radical materials. Soon, he’ll betray pieces incorporating Piñatex, an eco-friendly, leather-like fabric done from pineapple leaves.


Heather Helseth

A 20-year maestro of a interior pattern world, Heather Helseth knows a art of upcycling. After saying a need for unique, customizable seat featuring a brew of mixed fabrics, Helseth launched her possess seat line by her ReNewal Home Décor business. She creates tradition accent chairs, coffee list ottomans, barstools, dining chairs and headboards, among other pieces, and mostly uses selected seat frames by gutting, reviving and giving them new life. “I adore a lines of selected pieces—the craftsmanship, peculiarity and courtesy to detail,” she says. “I wish to emanate pieces that are a focal indicate in a room, that make a matter and are unique.” Helseth’s heterogeneous use of confidant fabric, tone and patterns total with an workman proceed give a pieces a distinct, head-turning style.


 Elizabeth Carrington

Elizabeth Carrington was operative in a San Francisco promotion group when she grown a passion for shade printing. The artist uses a technique to emanate a bright, musty textiles that she juxtaposes opposite antique 15th century French–style chairs, ottomans and loveseats. “I adore a thought of formulating art that is functional,” says Carrington, who depends cocktail art icons Jeff Koons, Sofia Copolla’s Marie Antoinette and film executive Baz Luhrmann among her inspirations. The outcome is singular seating that reflects her rebel and somewhat rebellious style, that she refers to as “calming chaos.” Quite distinct anything else in a city, her changeable and uninformed proceed has positively done her one to watch.


Victor Salas

From exuberant steel doors to artistic timber cabinetry and closets to dream kitchens, there seems to be roughly zero that’s Victor Salas can't do. And with good reason. A fifth-generation artist, builder and craftsman, Salas has pattern in his genes. He schooled woodworking design, building and finishes from his father, grandfather and uncles, and excellent steel work from his maternal grandfather and uncles. His tradition work is mostly handmade and would mount out in even a many lush homes, though Salas’ talent extends distant over furniture. “There are no boundary to my range of work,” he says. “I can pattern and erect a product as tiny as a chair or as vast as a 30-foot aluminum sculpture.” An designation like that can be found during a Metropolitan Methodist Hospital and is serve explanation of Salas memorable change on art via a city.

This essay appears in a May 2017 emanate of San Antonio Magazine

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