Art of a accent chair: 7 tips for picking a ideal chair for each spot

March 6, 2017 - accent chair


“Picture a set of scales, we know, a authorised kind,” we pronounced to my husband, DC. We were station in a pathway of one of a upstairs bedrooms, that I’ve been arguing needs some-more furniture. My hands were out, palms confronting a ceiling, changeable adult and down.

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Like many husbands faced with a awaiting of some-more furniture, he was wondering, why?

“The room is off balance,” we continued. “See, on one side we have a iron day bed and a vast square of art and on a other this dinky table.” 

I widespread my arms like aeroplane wings and slanted precariously downward toward a side a bed is on. “Like a see-saw,” he said.

“Exactly,” we said, like a fourth-grade clergyman whose wearied tyro unexpected gets prolonged division.

“Only in design, what matters is visible weight, not tangible weight, like with women,” we said, injecting an analogy we know he won’t hold with a 10-foot pole. “That is, an armoire can import as many as a vast tapestry — visually.”

DC nodded, yet we could tell he was about as meddlesome in a judgment of change in room settlement as we was in since a Steelers sealed Antonio Brown again, a theme that fascinates him, yet we have no conceivable idea why.

“So we need a chair, a confidant chair,” we pronounced and headed to a dull dilemma of a room and insincere a position of a vast chair. “See? Weight, right here.”

“What kind of chair?” he asked in a quiescent tone.

MeMe chair from Eclectic Home 

“Great question,” we seized a moment. “Perhaps an armchair or a bar chair, unequivocally not a wingback or a recliner, though maybe a slipper chair….”

I’d mislaid him. He headed out a doorway toward a stairs. “Just let me know what we decide.” His voice trailed.

“I’m meditative splendid yellow,” we called after him, afterwards headed for my laptop to emporium online.

“I adore your choice,” pronounced Jackie Millazzo, online seat businessman for The Home Depot, whom we called after my armless, tufted back, marigold yellow linen chair arrived. we wanted to plead a finer points of chair preference with someone who cared. I’d emailed her a print of my new chair in place.

“It’s a good instance of how one chair can supplement so much. It’s a ideal color, character and scale. we like how it’s placed, during an angle, and a purify lines update a room’s softer shapes.”

“It’s a clarification of a tenure ‘accent chair,’ ” we said.

“As their name implies, accent chairs are a good approach to supplement a small play or celebrity to a room,” Millazzo said. “With a sofa, we don’t wish to be too risky, so many people go with a neutral, though we can lift a corner with an accent chair.”

“Like adding a colorful purse to a solemn outfit,” we said.

“A well-placed, well-chosen chair can anchor a mark in a room that needs weight, supplement indispensable seating, move in a settlement component and inject a cocktail of color,” she said.

Our new marigold chair does all that.

“It’s Steeler yellow,” DC said, giving an commendatory thumbs-up.

“That’s since we picked it, darling,” we said.

As Millazzo and we chatted, we deconstructed a act of shopping a chair with flair.

  • Function: Before we consider about character or color, confirm since we wish a chair. Do we wish a large easy chair to twist adult in by a fire? A noble chair or dual to anchor a sofa? A select armless slipper chair for a place where space is tight? An entryway chair for brief landings? Or a chair that can be versatile. we chose my chair partly since we can lift it into other rooms, and it will work.
  • Style: Next concentration on a chair’s lines. Study a chair in white, so you’re not shabby by tone or pattern, and establish either it’s normal or modern, grave or casual. Be certain a settlement complements your decor. we wanted a contemporary chair to make an differently traditionally furnished room some-more transitional.
  • Size: Get a scale right. Whether you’re grouping online or from a salon floor, envisioning a piece’s distance in your space can be tricky. Note a height, abyss and length, afterwards map out how a square will fit your space — and either we can get it in a room. “To know how a chair will work and fit, we unequivocally need to see it in a room scene,” pronounced Millazzo, who recommends online shoppers demeanour for photos of a object in context with other furnishings.
  • Quality: Though we am not suggesting we buy inexpensive furniture, we can get divided with profitable a small reduction for a chair used usually occasionally, such as one in a delegate bedroom, than for a workhorse square that will have lots of bodies flopping into it each day.
  • Color: Look during a colors in a surrounding space and ask what tone you’d like to see some-more of to supplement change to a room. My room had a lot of cream, blue and section tones, so we pulled a yellow from a printed blind fabric to supplement some pizazz.
  • Assembly: Not prolonged ago, we wouldn’t have deliberate grouping a square of seat online, let alone one that we would have to build. That’s not so today. My chair came in pieces, though it took me usually 10 mins to arrange with a granted Allen wrench and one page of transparent instructions.
  • Fun fact: Online sales of accent furnishings — including accent chairs– grew 4.2 percent final year and was a fastest flourishing difficulty in online purchases, according to a Home Depot. More consumers are gentle grouping seat online since of easier lapse policies and entrance to patron reviews, that share information about comfort, peculiarity and satisfaction.

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