Angela Lansbury’s road, from ‘Murder, She Wrote’ to Noël Coward

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They start to hearten as shortly as Angela Lansbury emerges, early in Act 1, with a curly, red wig and accent thicker than an trite Sunday roast. Each night, a acclaim serves as a pointer that this impulse is special.

“It’s a feeling of genuine honour to be adult there with her and feel a unusual regard that comes opposite from a audience,” says Charles Edwards, before of “Downton Abbey” and now personification author Charles Condomine in a furloughed reconstruction of Noël Coward’s abnormal comedy, “Blithe Spirit.”

Statistical realities might advise that it is simply unheard of for an 89-year-old lady to be during a tip of her diversion in a live, melodramatic production, though Lansbury isn’t meddlesome in proof a indicate by simply stepping onstage. Each night, she plays a quirky and individualist middle Madame Arcati with a appetite of a unfortunate understudy. She dances, flops over a chair and slams home Coward’s zingers with a pointing of an atomic clock, a panache of a seasoned comic.

And “Blithe Spirit,” that arrives Tuesday during a National Theatre, is zero brief of a smash, a play furloughed to packaged houses in an epoch when plays frequency tour, generally not English plays created during World War II. Though Lansbury isn’t onstage as prolonged as Edwards and a other “Blithe” leads, Charlotte Parry and Melissa Woodbridge, everybody concerned acknowledges that she’s a reason for that success. Her face is on a promotion flags commissioned on streetlights in Toronto and on a posters outward a Princess of Wales Theatre. Lansbury is a initial to move adult her 12 years as a sleuthing clerk Jessica Fletcher on television’s “Murder, She Wrote.”

“I know that I’m a offshoot to get a people in a theater,” says Lansbury. “In many instances, 80 percent of a audiences are opening to see Jessica Fletcher. The fact that I’m going to give them Madame Arcati is a surprise, though they venerate it. Thank goodness.”

Angela Lansbury as Madame Arcati and Susan Louise O’Connor as Edith in a 2009 Broadway reconstruction of Noël Coward’s “Blithe Spirit.” (Robert J. Saferstein/Robert J. Saferstein)

The purpose is, Lansbury says, one of her favorites, no tiny thing for a lady who has taken on some-more than a hundred, starting with her Oscar-nominated film opening in 1944’s “Gaslight,” stability on to Broadway and 5 Tony Awards, and afterwards her many renouned spin, as Fletcher in a TV array that ran from 1984 to 1996. How prolonged has she been performing? Of a 50,000 purebred members of a Actors’ Equity union, Lansbury is a second oldest.

“I venerate to play unequivocally great, well-written comedy,” Lansbury says during an talk in Toronto, where “Blithe Spirit” has been personification before jacket a four-city debate in Washington. “And Arcati is terribly humorous though positively a many earnest, well-meaning lady we could presumably imagine. You can’t assistance though giggle during her and giggle with her. Nothing she does is for a consequence of a joke. This is a lady and a character.”

Lansbury, on this day, is wearing a pinkish blouse, pearls and bullion flats. She’s full of energy, good amusement and clever opinions. She’s not fearful to share her service that executives deserted an attempted reboot of “Murder” set to star “The Help” singer Octavia Spencer. But she is heedful when asked to review a people she plays onstage with her genuine self. Lansbury also does not call herself a star, describing herself as a ultimate impression actress. She takes good honour in her range.

“I’ll put on a fake ass, fake anything, to change myself to turn somebody else,” Lansbury says. “I’m never going to be me.”

The me side of Lansbury’s life has been well-documented. Born in London. An Oscar assignment while still in her teens. Then, some-more than a decade of delegate roles in a Hollywood complement that didn’t scrupulously expel her.

Lansbury’s film breakthrough came as a mean silent in a 1962 domestic thriller, “The Manchurian Candidate,” earning her a third Academy Award nomination. (She would finally accept an titular Oscar in 2013.) Her career afterwards took off onstage, as Lansbury scored a Tony in the pretension purpose of 1966’s Broadway premiere of “Mame.” A array of theatre and shade roles followed until she landed in a illusory Cabot Cove, a coastal Maine environment for “Murder, She Wrote.” Though Lansbury says that film and radio roles no longer come her way, she’s continued to flower in a theater.

It was behind in 2009 that Lansbury won her fifth Tony for a reconstruction of “Blithe Spirit” on Broadway. The stream production, that premiered in London’s West End in 2014, is also destined by Michael Blakemore though has been reshaped. The set is different, as is many of a cast. Lansbury declines to explain since she feels this chronicle is better. She doesn’t wish to contend anything that reflects feeble on a prior production. Blakemore is usually somewhat some-more open, describing this “Blithe Spirit” as some-more British.

“It was successful on Broadway and had a decent run and done income though we never felt it was utterly right,” he said. “We have an English expel in this version, and a English move to a Noël Coward play what an American expel would move to ‘Death of a Salesman.’ One can’t suppose ‘Downton Abbey’ being played as persuasively by an American cast.”

One thing Blakemore says hasn’t altered is Lansbury.

“It’s pleasing acting,” Blakemore says. “She is a decisive Madame Arcati.”

But what about her age? Blakemore, himself 86, says that he hasn’t done any allowances. And Edwards has seen no pointer of Lansbury negligence down.

“In L.A., they had us doing these five-show weekends,” Edwards says. “Which we were all bowled over by. But we punch your tongue if we contend how sleepy we are, since Angela simply doesn’t do it.”

If Lansbury does make one benefaction to age, it is to wear an ear piece.

“I have a male on a finish of a line,” she says, motioning to her left ear. “Tom here and Tim in London. If we unexpected remove it — this happens with all actors during one time in their lives, and positively in my age bracket, it happens — he will chuck me a word that will concede me to continue roughly unbroken. It’s mostly usually a word.”

Otherwise, she thinks zero of age.

When told that she is a second-oldest purebred member in Actors’ Equity, she asks who is older. Chicago actor Mike Nussbaum, 91.

“Tell him to watch out,” she smiles. “I’m opening on behind him.”

This is, she concedes, her final tour. Los Angeles, a initial stop on a road, was a treat, a possibility to perform live for a initial time for family and friends in her adopted home town. But a report can be grueling. In Toronto, wintry temperatures have left her “trapped” in her hotel room.

And she has zero left to prove. “Blithe Spirit” is usually a latest pointer that Lansbury stays that singular multiple of critically acclaimed and marketable. She usually schooled that she has been nominated for an Olivier Award for her London run. It would be her first.

In Toronto, crowds have been streaming into a Princess of Wales Theatre.

They extol Lansbury’s entrance, bark with delight as she performs a jagged, loping dance meant to serve a spirits during a seance. They hearten a cast, quite Edwards, though mount usually when Lansbury appears for her screen call.

“She doesn’t demeanour like she’s 89,” says Paige Morgan, a 37-year-old English instructor and doctoral tyro who remembers religiously examination “Murder, She Wrote” as a girl. “I wasn’t certain she was going to lift off Madame Arcati’s dance, though she killed it.”

Blithe Spirit Mar 17-29, National Theatre, 1321 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.

202-628-6161. $48-$203.

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