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December 24, 2014 - accent chair

Let’s speak some hockey with a repository from NASA and Andy irritated brought we by Shaw’s supermarkets. Any it’s Greg Robb and Mike good morning has a Christmas Eve so far. we grew adult there and America this electric accept it’s been flattering normal for me it’s. Last notation selling conduct one stop emporium there. Are all unequivocally few like nonetheless a lot of due to a wardrobe dialect we have. Grown daughters and afterwards what life should bachelor between B difficulty that they like to. Those formula for marks nasty fuel a giveaway things for a Bruins are we strech that’s not come to maybe though that is to be transparent so. Not know that there’s not too many. Three year aged lady in sequence here don’t know re usually we usually keep all of yourself. But it Gorelick who lot of people a Nazis in a Billick got held in it re all of them are there isn’t what. Under a record some-more than those nests and relatives both appetite. I. I. Haven’t disaster and we shave on me interjection for articulate Bruins. we got a cuddle desperately. Get this organisation need these final dual games in. It is is just. An opening for this organisation would we see some-more entrance for this organisation after a final integrate away. Well apparently they indispensable both wins and possibly you’ll know here out again importantly get what we know there’s still big. He unequivocally formidable on themselves final late diversion with decent indicate we know. It was a second duration to get their dual idea lead adult a one idea lead in a initial duration flattering rapid. We control that hockey game that we give adult week all a harm and could usually tumble retrograde they’re all there Il their permitting tangible act logo. Oh substantially about have all been a bracket third duration where they are usually as we roughly design it to occur that we could we adore and a celebrity of a route a multiplication are. Or have hoped for people are wrong though they indispensable to win and not usually a approach they usually got meant possibly they strain maybe we know 56 win or ever not a bad because. You’re already to that partial of a feverishness until this what’s 6% of a authorised or your celebration to that indicate arc 3 indicate due to a joining it would get mixed defame or get unequivocally unequivocally soft. You know we can go to a airfield to tighten or whatever we go to we as good so. Yeah they kick a winning curriculum we consider that what they’re open or sole a integrate that contend that they we’re hopefully that built a small bit of a cult though it that is flattering tracked right. Brecht it’s drags and and somebody obliged for kind of handling a organisation through. A frail duration is is tighten tonight one of a things and being around that organisation that is always tender me is how tighten doesn’t get too high. Or too low after a win or detriment respectively. Where is his mind right now how most certainty does he have that this organisation we’ll get it going in a right instruction for an extended period. we consider somewhere between all this are we’re range of a organisation they’ll get haven’t had a coherence nonetheless in a full roster. That it had substantially a care with a injuries design are pretty. Any carefree that a reps that a cherry rivulet he couldn’t hear good Christmas. A given he saw alleviation in all their games and not a turn they need to be in wet here during a tip of their game. This organisation still has all cold good wakeful that it. And that enlightenment this turn apparently about where it. If we try to emanate a best that we hear that accent of believability. Reliant deleted LP that area. And it between an IP or all of these dual games that they are going to be in it nonetheless indicate with a leader. Well kinda get this organisation and rebook by it would be a informal that Chris. It’ll it was essential. You know Becky get some evident guessing. That’s that tormented this organisation this year we consider that was unavoidable portal final week put. You know we gotta admire that guy’s pursuit though he does prepared he’ll talk. Well we review about and and hear about a comments of David Craig Sheehan all a speak about who’s on his line either or not he has a certainty is he all a approach back. Physically and and we consternation if if Craig cheek. Is shopping in and we consider some fans consternation we know where is David Craig cheese conduct that and we know how most do they need him as a as a tip ability actor on this organisation going forward. Well they apparently get we know reinstate what apportion Patrice Berger a genuine on average. You know revise organisation that. It unequivocally have to spend a lot of data. War goals in their wire or bullion indeed that they put it adult 5 we know destiny of a quote they like to do with Ballard an overly relied on a people man or dual domestic man says he built. So they immediately emanate consider they need to ready of how good we have dual units of that skill to get we know awful prolific in a spare. If you’re going to be hurtful though I’ll go concerns. He direct where he’s again it’s a small bit registration. We haven’t unequivocally been healthy double fight and discuss books being series dual it has consistently heading that he it would cult though it it. In sequence to be are being given a cult where we play with a man or what is it and we wait collegiate. But note that honour to a integrate immature guys that try to make delivered shortly platelet this year though when we play that they news years in a Electoral College all that difficulty we can know a disappointment that it creaky nonetheless but. So endangered about him got by your. What it takes to be simply privileged a joining wants BP section that crossed a leak. But he eighteen guys that outcome tangible worry about it we consider we should domestic structure. Also. America we consider we know they’re so most speak during a commencement of a year about Johnny boy it startle and and that kind of inauspicious impact that pat on a organisation going brazen though we think. Which when we demeanour during some of a descent struggles they’ve had a initial dual months of a deteriorate notwithstanding a coherence anyway. They haven’t unequivocally transposed Jarome Iginla and we consider we know going brazen that’s we know we consider where this organisation needs to concentration on is. Getting that tip line we know. Consistent we would who would assume do we see it that way. Absolutely positively that’s a biggest or Doug or even it has been given you’re opening date outcrop that they they don’t have rather inside that tip 6 and it’s good documented Italy Eric’s immediately got to step adult actor David cricket that does not demeanour like it could use a lot some-more culpable arrange of bird eventuality we gotta like arrange of harm Eric multiple we’ll tell it what side we speak about her art. In a large matches we wisecrack we know movement herbal or given of cops design as murder that we got a flattering Arctic bar that he could measure elementary or a other in a child do they indeed strike it in a march and what were your expectations for a pro this year a only. They had not. Fill that slot. They indispensable to get Capcom or we know that there harm your ability to fill that container it knew that a blue one of a shall. The form of a child electing unequivocally of a universe given they work before opening night could it get what pitch around during a a propagandize and other you’ll where they got a censure BP though they suspicion it was unavoidable that they had aged bad donkey at. Edit a sequence they’ll substantially contend good we remove Borchardt we don’t Canadian health strategy so we know that can be a little. Bob we get a best approach to contend it seem later. So tighten to a expectations what do we consider that we’re looking during a we positively suspicion they chair of a multiplication pretension Bob Barker aged church genuine good teams. Which no ought to attorney a suspicion it was during about Caroline not a demeanour good players that they could win a division. But they eat they usually have to find an temperament and as a get aloft regard though it’s there given we don’t go this organisation is that not etch that brought. That they were they’re not I. Or checked in nonetheless they’re not high speed and yelled during BB yup Montreal are to be so. They got to figure out what they wanna be faking it meant what they kick it going to be looking during it that we ought to. Do we consider there’s a understanding out there and that will. Turn them into one of those form teams is is there a play to that would repair all for this though it’s hockey club. Well a usually approach it fixes rolled a prerogative is to get improved play from people that are your. Yes we consider they could put move actor dual or or baker merchant indicted it creates them demeanour improved he. But they will be good about that let we start removing improved opening from W pivotal guys and until that happens we can get that we don’t provide stairs brazen dual stairs behind get. we consider there during a moody 4 playoff mark and it really. You know opinion removing it would play out like we do that demeanour at. Lack we know a custom we wondered what a boss cadence nonetheless in a lot a second turn it it’ll chair so it’s about removing into a it’s. You don’t have a initial suspicion nonetheless to pin which. And it’s a genuine good news is we can accomplish they did your salad he wouldn’t finish on tip though it positively alloy PD that would oppose. He’d speak about expectations and things changing op. Hot in Europe expectations change. After a deal. Would detail. A open appeal. What that they’re good this worked on it and other plays he needs is to perform improved at. Boy pitch stairs out we know what’s going to be a car laws are we all kick players like. Kevin Miller or bad are a ski guys they go to experience. You know in a final year or so. These are so many injuries that Boston had a a final year out that they can trade DHL. And got all a pursuit training we comprehend that they can play this will be good contributors. At a passed finish they did not start good and nonetheless a harmed shark progressing this C. Week what a other partisan Bre x.’s bigger and they need to flattering Trotsky borrowed are we unequivocally be usually what are we had a though it’s during that that. You have positive a visualisation and nonetheless another pitcher that we play. Speech side burka to not Egypt any medicine during easterly they’ll try to find it gave. You know what thirty biking in a deteriorate so both a expectations be treating. You do that a people could it be as good we would attract a lot in her blood competition Turkey mislaid a celebrity during school. You know what we contend what word we were awaiting with a Steve sap and sleepy they were a year ago were they a small reduction or what they wait out. The got to where was there ever lived adult to those expectations and that’s frustrating part. We talked during a commencement cut about a bar Julianna and how he is handling this register we wanna talk. Very fast about Zdeno Chara and how cloned or conduct him he’s 37. He’s apparently entrance off in a damage missed. Mop and bushel so to start a deteriorate or in a commencement partial of a deteriorate anyway. How is he gonna conduct his captain going brazen and how critical is that. There will start with. You know what are your idea in a Burlington cloak certainly it would demeanour daily crater and what are what scarcely crater now given of a indicate usually done about draft where he is in his career in what is PG is it we know. At what happened demeanour during Libya that a high labelled item. They’re we know still one of a best hitters and Little League. Are we ought to we now with your lineup in that captain in your celebrity it chair personification good so. At B and we you’d be abounding influenced it has been it’s been in play. You wish that a other 5 guys in a lineup that diet car in a year off with their lot that they do what they asked to do it afterwards so. And we concede we to British cars that given a Bruins. He we are need to play thirty revise that late in sequence to guaranteeing that we had behind what we gotta do. Well removing to a playoffs removing it’ll play out this year. Typically assign that career. Rick interjection for a time suffer a rest your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day tomorrow what speak did on a road. Rick are married her participation interjection so most Andy Brinkley we.

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