Ames High to benefaction Sherlock Holmes play

November 12, 2015 - accent chair

This weekend, a Ames High School Theatre Department will benefaction a Sherlock Holmes favorite “The Hound of a Baskervilles,” for a tumble play.

Under a instruction of Steven Woolery, a expel will tell a story of Sherlock Holmes and his true companion, Dr. Watson, as they solve a mystery. The uncover will be start during 7:30 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday.

“People should come and see this play.” Woolery said. “It will keep people guessing.”

Woolery pronounced he comparison a poser play given he wanted to try a opposite impression of behaving for a students. Woolery pronounced he has been tender with a students’ efforts to rise their characters over what one would routinely design from a high propagandize cast.

The expel of mostly juniors and seniors has been rehearsing given September, and Woolery pronounced they will be behaving a play as authentically British as possible.

Several members of a expel pronounced training an authentic British accent was formidable as they prepared for this performance.

“Watching a lot of BBC helped,” pronounced Ali Sandler, who plays Lady Agatha.

Also as partial of removing into character, Joey Bingham, who plays Sherlock Holmes, pronounced they had to remember to use correct viewpoint when station and sitting or their executive would have to remind them to have a straighter behind or to lay on a corner of a chair.

The play a students will be behaving was blending to theatre by Tim Kelly from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous novel. The play showcases a talent of investigator Sherlock Holmes as he breaks a ruthless tip behind an aged abuse that plagues a Baskerville family and threatens a residents of Baskerville Hall.

For Woolery, a favorite stage is when Holmes starts to put together all of a evidence.

“If a assembly is following along, they can figure it out during a same time,” Woolery said.

For Sandler, she joked her favorite partial is a stage where she gets to scream during Holmes.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Bingham said. “It’s something we routinely wouldn’t see.”

The dusk will also underline a brief one-act comedy “CUT” before a categorical uncover begins. Woolery pronounced given he had so many students audition, he wanted to embody this one-act play to get some-more students involved. Between a dual shows, Woolery pronounced audiences can design dual hours of entertainment. Tickets are $5 for high propagandize students and adults and $3 for those younger.


Lady Agatha: Ali Sandler

Perkins: Jill Schoenrock

Watson: Thomas Garrett

Sherlock Holmes: Joey Bingham

Mrs. Barrymore: Morgan Mulford

Sir Henry: Brett Stone

Barrymore: William Breshears

Kathy Stapleton: Clara Mikovec

Jack Stapleton: Lucas Berg

Laura Lyons: Olivia Leslie

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