After shoemaker’s aroused death, an escape of goodwill

January 13, 2015 - accent chair

The silver-haired lady in a coupler of robin’s-egg blue marched true to a opposite of a shoe correct shop.

“Are we a son?” Marcelle Power asked.

Arsen “Georgio” Sheklian pronounced yes, and she reached adult to reason his face in her hands.

“I know what it’s like to remove a desired one, though it’s even worse a approach we mislaid yours,” she said.

The dual nodded in wordless review before removing down to business: 3 pairs of shoes, one of them glitter-gold flats she was deliberation wearing to her 95th-birthday celebration during Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater.

The initial guess was $150. Power motionless to keep a bullion flats out of a equation.

Sheklian snatched them back.

“Tell we what, $50 for all of them. It’s a birthday present,” he said, dancing a sparkly boots out of her reach.

“Thank you, sir. I’m certain your father was a kind man,” she said. “It’s good you’re holding over.”


The small shop, filled with selected machinery, a guarantee of good use handwritten in Italian on a chalkboard and lovingly displayed leather products (designed by father and son), seems as if it should lay on a cobblestone street, with a unfeeling businessman opposite a way. But it’s in a frame mall with a pointer that glows during night — Shoe Repair, Tattoos, Piercing, Guns, Dollar General.

Each morning Sheklian’s father, George, would take coffee to his neighbors: a medical supply store, a Zumba studio and a gun emporium subsequent door.

He had dual coffees in his hands Dec. 4 when armed, masked robbers detonate out of Fresno Firearms, one of them attack a 85-year-old so tough he flew off a sidewalk, alighting on a pavement of a parking lot.

The younger Sheklian, 38, ran to a behind of a store to get a sham for his father’s draining head. His father told him, “Tell your mom we adore her,” before he mislaid consciousness.

It was a large crime story in this Central Valley city: Grainy spoliation footage nightly on a dusk news. The news discussion with a military arch charity a $15,000 reward. Sheklian’s predestine tracked in headlines: “85-year-old Man Injured In Gun Store Robbery,” “85-year-old Man in Critical Condition,” “Services Set for George Sheklian.”

But weeks after a hubbub subsided, a still event of support formed: friends and strangers bringing in shoes.

On this day, right after first-time patron Power left — reminding Sheklian that during her age, all her boots would need nonskid soles — Lynn Jenkins done his initial revisit to a emporium too, bringing in cowboy boots.

He didn’t contend anything directly about a elder Sheklian’s death, customarily remarkable that maybe he would need his boots for dancing since “we customarily have so most time. Got to make it matter.”