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December 10, 2016 - accent chair

A stylishly crafted chair, with an eye-catching colour and design, serves to emanate a singular impression matter in a home’s décor. “An accent chair, can supplement a lurch of glorious and elegance. With an good piece, we can supplement impression and abyss to a room, or minister to a theme, besides providing a organic seating option,” says Pooja Malhotra, co-founder of The Fuchsia Lane (Mumbai), who works with her partner Gopika Parekh.

Accent chairs are accessible in a accumulation of designs from contemporary to classical to eclectic, like chaise loll chairs, stately chairs, quirky chairs, swift chairs, chairs with striking illustrations or printed print and royal silver ones or prosperous gold-painted ones, encrusted with semi-precious stones.

How to select a best chair Before selecting a chair, one needs to brand a purpose and utility. “For example, a swift chair is ideal as a categorical dining chair, or it can be used as a reading chair too. You can also supplement a feet stool, for additional comfort,” suggests Parekh. A swift chair or a rocking chair can also be total with a lounge set.

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“These pieces can be done quirky or bold, with bright-coloured fabrics or prints that compare a sold theme,” adds Parekh, whose organisation has designed chairs with swan-shaped backrests and seats with Burma teak and a chair where a chair is embellished by an artist.

In a vital room or party room, depending on a space available, one can also opt for recliners, that are accessible in primer and programmed options, in opposite colours. Fancy chairs need not be to be kept, usually in corners or in a party area. Rather, one should examination with opposite options, feels Punam Kalra, and interior engineer from Delhi.

“For example, in a dining space, all a chairs can be of opposite colours. To supplement a quirky touch, several fabrics (plain, patterned and striped) can be patched together and used for upholstering a chair,” Kalra offers.

Mix and compare Even a elementary chair can be given a lovely new demeanour with upholstery. The chair and behind can be in opposite colours possibly plain, or striped, or with floral motifs. Choose a scale of a pattern, according to a distance and impression of your room. Light-coloured fabrics demeanour grand though they might turn contaminated easily.

An accent chair, should also fit into a existent thesis of your room and make it aesthetically appealing.

Mahima Shah, a housewife from Mumbai, shares how: “The sofas in my vital room, are beige in colour. To supplement contrast, we have dual exuberant maharaja chairs, with splendid orange upholstery. In my bedroom, we have an armless wooden chair with a high backrest, that has my marriage print imprinted on it.”

Tips to select stylish chairs Choose an accent chair, according to a distance and a dimension of a room where it will be placed. A huge, exuberant chair, with a high back, will demeanour unappealing in a little space. The chair should mount out in your home’s décor and be an beguiling aspect during home. Besides a design, safeguard that a chair is comfortable, in terms of a tallness and abyss of a chair and a desire of a backrest. For a abounding look, select velvet or silk, with embellishments or brocade cushions. Chenille, string and jute are unsentimental fabrics that are easy to maintain. Leather ages beautifully though is not easy to say and can be expensive. Credit for header image:


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