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September 24, 2014 - accent chair

Season 7 | Episode 2 | “The Blind Auditions Part 2” | Aired Sept 23, 2014


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OK, kids, it’s night dual of blind auditions. We’ve got utterly a few performances to cover, so let’s accumulate spin a stay fire, sing “Kumbaya,” and speak a latest partial of The Voice.

The alloy is in
After a bit of exposition, we open on a coaches chatting backstage. Pharrell is psychoanalyzing everyone’s strategies, and I’ve gotta admit, his insights are flattering accurate (especially a partial about Blake attack contestants with a accent and regulating a art of distraction).


I know what to do with that voice
The initial opening of a night comes around Danica Shirey, a amiable 25-year-old stay during home mom. Danica’s “Big White Room” is giveaway and soulful. It’s substantially a best opening of a night from a technical perspective, simply moving 3 chair turns. Adam and Gwen quarrel tough for Danica, though Pharrell seals a understanding by observant “[Adam’s] all fit, and I’m so scrawny. But we know what to do with that voice.” Naturally, Danica picks Team Pharrell.

The shawl creates an appearance

Our subsequent competitor is Joe Kirk, an aspiring 17-year-old from Nashville, TN. “Lego House” is a intelligent preference for Joe’s open voice, and a finish outcome is desirable adequate to hoard him 4 chair turns. Then a playground starts as a coaches quarrel for him like a container of dogs going after a rejected doughnut. Pharrell calls Blake a “Nashville whisperer” and imitates his Voice Jedi routine. Then this happens.


In a midst of all a chaos, Adam sensitively steals Joe for his team.

Bromance isn’t dead
We have a singular reggae impulse on The Voice interjection to Menlik Zergabachew, a 19-year-old from Silver Spring, MD. Menlik’s “Santeria” isn’t flawless, though his voice is appealing and his smoothness is interesting. In a intolerable spin of events, Blake is a initial chair to spin (because when we consider reggae, we consider Blake?), and Gwen eventually follows suit. Obviously Team Gwen is a right fit, though saying Blake try to contend a name “Menlik” is zero brief of delightful. Adam amenities Blake for his detriment in a usually way he knows how.


Texas can't be denied

Tonight’s youngest competitor is Reagan James, a 15-year-old from Burleson, TX (the same city that gave us Kelly Clarkson). Reagan classifies herself as RB, though her “Give Me Love” is anything but. Her opening is breathy and quirky with some surprising outspoken tics, and it’s singular adequate to enthuse both Gwen and Blake to pull their buttons. Gwen creates a diversion try to woo Reagan, though Blake’s play on a Texas tie lands her on his team.

Happy feet
My favorite masculine opening of a night belongs to Taylor Phelan, a 25-year-old who left his indie stone dreams behind to yield for his immature family. we should note that Taylor’s baby is wearing headbands around this segment, and it’s so over-the-top cute, it roughly hijacks a whole thing. Moving on, Taylor’s “Sweater Weather” has a small shaken appetite during a top, though he fast funnels that into one of a many ardent auditions so far, giving an intense, firmly tranquil opening that earns him 4 chair turns. While Adam is effusive, fixing him “Happy Feet” for his imagination footwork, Taylor eventually chooses Team Pharrell as his new home.

Hey Sugar
Sugar Joans,
a 24-year-old from Los Angeles, has one of a best theatre names to beauty any deteriorate of The Voice. Her “Chain of Fools” is a bit over-sung for my taste, though it’s so ballsy and impressive, it wins me over and garners chair turns from Blake and Gwen. Blake finds unconstrained fun in her theatre name, removing in a few good zingers, like, “Everybody likes sugar.” However, his idea that they duet on “Me and Mrs. Jones” is only creepy adequate to send Sugar true into a arms of Team Gwen. Nice one, “Uncle Blake.”

No, you reason your horses
The nation prominence of a night comes to us around 21-year-old Taylor Brashears. Taylor’s “You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man)” is deafening and assured, and although her vocal isn’t as particular as a original, her brag is still adequate to enthuse 3 symbol pushes. The coaches quarrel over her aggressively, and Adam during some indicate tells Blake to “Hold your horses!” like an aged Southern pro. Despite Adam’s try during a some-more Southern vernacular, Taylor takes a some-more well-trod nation trail and joins Team Blake.

Take my shoes! Take my handbags!
Our final performer is Maiya Sykes, a 36-year-old veteran thespian from Los Angeles. Her “Stay With Me” is my personal favorite of a night, showcasing a lovely, dull tinge and comfortable vibrato, and amping adult into a fantastic ending. While a opening isn’t technically perfect, we don’t care, since it’s gorgeous. All 4 coaches agree, branch their chairs and bartering for Maiya’s love like fair barkers. Gwen even goes as distant as to offer her giveaway boots and handbags, though in a end, Pharrell’s low-key monologues are adequate to move Maiya aboard Team Pharrell.


So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night
While we had copiousness of happy endings tonight, we also had a few who didn’t make a team. Jimi Milligan, a 35-year-old operative musician, incited no chairs with his “Get Ready,” and Pez gourmet Caitlin Lucia struggled with nerves during her “You’re a One that we Want.” Last though not least, 28-year-old Andy Cherry wasn’t utterly means to live adult to his overwhelming ’80s selection, “Everybody Wants to Rule a World.”

Odds and Ends

  • Fun fact: Caitlin Lucia reveals she has a collection of roughly 1,000 Pez dispensers. This feels like the commencement of a The Voice/My Strange Addiction crossover. And we LOVE IT.


  • The editors and producers are KILLING it with strain cues this week. My personal favorites were “Pour Some Sugar on Me” after Sugar Joans, and Dolly Parton’s “9-5” after Taylor Brashears.

Who were your favorites from partial 2? Least favorites? Leave your thoughts in a comments, and I’ll see we behind here after a subsequent partial of The Voice. Thanks for reading!

The Voice front Mondays and Tuesdays during 8/7C on NBC.

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