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Good night. ♪ More NFL fallout. Rihanna says bleep we

to CBS. I’m Billy brush we’ll T we a network’s

no nonsense greeting to that. As Kerry Washington brings a

new dimension to a abuse issue. We can change that.

He wanted to do it. So close. Which film scarcely

costarred Barbara and Elvis. Authentic Joan or a vicious fraud?

We get to a bottom of a rivers recording. My

voice has been bothering me. Sacked by CBS. Rihanna sacks

back. Welcome to “Access Hollywood.” Rihanna’s strain for CBS “Thursday

night football” was killed in light of a ray rice

news. CBS was prepared to embody a strain on a

broadcast yet not some-more more. Rihanna is prohibited mad. This

morning she tweeted CBS, we pulled my strain final week.

Now we wish to slip it behind in this Thursday?

No. Blank you. You all are unhappy for penalizing me

for. This after that open tongue lashing, CBS says they

are dropping Rihanna’s strain completely. They pronounced we will be

moving in a opposite instruction with elements of a “Thursday

night football” open. We will be regulating a newly combined

theme music. But Rihanna never taped anything new for CBS.

The network protected a jay Z strain called “Run this

town.” ♪ Jay Z’s stone republic owns a right to

the song. So CBS was denied use. In CBS’s press

release a title enclosed with strain featuring Rihanna and exegesis

by enclose Cheadle. It went on to contend this open

was constructed and destined by 28 time Emmy endowment winning

producer, Pete rad virtue. The executive says this open combines

one of a biggest strain stars with one of a

biggest actor in Hollywood. Rihanna says due to a injustice

of her name and tie to CBS, CBS was not

allowed to permit and implement a strain “Run this town”

rock republic done a preference not to extend a usage.

Did CBS reprove her for her tie to domestic abuse?

Chime in. I’m Kerry Washington, one in 4 women will

be a plant of domestic violence. Kerry Washington designed this

bag. Finances are roughly always a arms of choice. Taking

away to cash, jeopardizing jobs, financial abuse leaves invisible bruises

that can take keckcades to heal. So many people were

doing a #whyistays. On MSNBC, Kerry was asked privately about

the NFL and ray rice. we consider we all need

to take a emanate seriously. But we also consider we

need to be clever of fixation a censure in one

one territory of society. This is an emanate that affects

all of us. For a past dual years. So a

fact that this ray rice conditions has happened only kind

of — it only puts a exclamation indicate on a

issue this is something we need to speak about. The

newly crowned skip America stands on a height adore shouldn’t

hurt. Because she is an abuse survivor. It’s unequivocally something

I speak about to assistance other women. It was not

a good conditions yet we was means to count on

resources that helped me a lot. Kira says this abuse

occurred while she was in college. Season 19 of “Dancing

with a stars” kicked off final night. Ratings were down

16% from final fall’s premier. But a unrestrained showed no

sign of decline. You were in a thick of it.

At initial we wasn’t proposal with a expel this season.

But now I’m unequivocally excited. Night one brought out a

good, a bad, and a Chong and a giveaway front

runner for a counterpart ball. Can we call it tonight?

No. Don’t call anything tonight. That’s one week. we had

three weeks to workon this. Those 3 weeks clearly pulled

off. They warranted a 36 out of 40 from a

judges yet zero is gam guaranteed. I’m perplexing to learn

everything and ideal it and do a best we can.

Right bhnd Alfonso, dual 17-years 17-years-old got 34 out of

40. 19-year-old youtube blogger jived to Taylor swift’s strain and

Bethany’s fans are on a case. You wish to vote,

that’s amazing. They’re like my family. They are unequivocally honest

with me. If we disaster adult I’m certain they will

let me know. Then there were a disaster ups. Lolo

Jones with a severe beginning. They never recovered. Backstage she

got romantic explaining how things went wrong since of a

texting glitch. There was ostensible to be 3 noises. He

was observant come dance with me and that was my

key to go dance with him and there was no

text message. Cell use was failed. we attempted to be

sexy yet during that impulse in my mind we knew

things were off and literally in a initial 20 stairs

I was like are we teasing me? That was a

move we were ostensible to gleam for him. It wasamazing.

I consider she got in a quarrel with a boar

and a boar won. we know. Betsey Johnson’s conflict with

the boar wasn’t all bad. She worked by a cha

cha yet Johnson showed her flexible, fun and colorful side.

Between we guys and tommy Chong, it’s a unequivocally engaging

mix this season. we don’t know that one is higher.

♪ Drop it like it’s prohibited — Chong wowed a

crowd with a cha cha amidst a tommy haze, a

nod to tommy’s fin to a cannabis. we consider they

all underneath with tommy Chong and PETA mount for. We

went out and we killed it tonight. we meant —

What are we saying? She’s dressed like a small juicy

bud. we can't tell we how people were on their

feet for tommy Chong. Who else impressed? Randy couture was

so light on his feet. And we have them articulate

about their large dance entrance on And we will

see how things play out tonight when one dancer goes

home. Who do we consider it will be? we don’t

think it is lolo Jones. we would like a doover

for her. It competence be brewing with her partner. Yeah.

Thank we unequivocally much. Now to a weird story involving

what is reported to be a voice of Joan rivers

recorded shortly before her death. we have — my voice

has been bothering me. we don’t know what it is.

The audio recording sounds a bit like Joan. The problem

is her repute says it is not. I’m Joan rivers,

can we talk? Sure. My voice is bothering me. we

have to do it again. Page 6 reported producers pronounced

it was a exam recording Joan done for a radio

ad for an off Broadway uncover for brad Zimmerman. But

Joan’s publicist says that a recording is a fraud. Joan

never done any such tape. Is it a broadside attempt

created by brad Zimmerman and is unpleasant to a memory

of Joan rivers. We could not strech Zimmerman or his

rep for comment. Is it loyal there was a biopsy

performed? Sorry, remoteness prevents me from creation comments. The alloy

who achieved a operation on Joan rivers is no longer

the executive of a hospital. Were we dismissed or did

you resign? Can we ask we that? we have no

comments today. As for Joan, jerry seinfeld concluded she concluded

to flog off comedians in cars. The medicine deferred it.

Jane fonda goes full on booberel. When we contend Jane

has an considerable physique of work I’m not teasing here.

She was happy to speak about her proud pals during

the premier. we wish we had Like that for real.

They were done of silicone and people provide we opposite

when we are like — Can we greatfully tighten a

robe? They’re only breasts. They could be used as levity

device. The film brought out a expel including teeny Faye

who got huffy Feeley with Jane’s movable supplements. Did we

ever consider we would do a film with Jane fonda

let alone feeling her up? we always knew we would

feel her up. She couldn’t conflict display them off. we

flashed a few people. You demeanour like you’re exposed yet

you’re not really. You feel ideally protected to go —

76-year-old Jane has not slowed down. She is sharpened a

netflixcom in that she shows her appreciation for Ryan Gossling’s

face. The chair was in my blog and a subsequent

day a chair sole out. Everybody wants to lay on

Ryan Gossling’s face. Wouldn’t you? On TV tonight, a culmination

of a — that centers around a quarrel between a

brothers Mike and straightforward that led to crank’s arrest. I’m

at a tanning store and him and his hermit are

in a fistfight. After all these years, Barbara and Elvis

making This is a group that puts together a book.

The cia’s tip 10 list of a many vicious threats

— NBC has high hopes for Katherine Heigl’s new array

“State of affairs” Katherine is a cia researcher who bri

the president. You were exclusively on set. It was good

to see her again after winning an Emmy on “Grey’s

anatomy” and now a wiser Katherine is prepared for her

TV return. What have we schooled this time around going

back into a radio business? Going behind in some-more eyes

wide open meaningful what I’metting into and signing on for

and meaningful and peaceful do it. Going we done this

choice. we can’t protest to anybody since we done this

choice. That has been useful. Just flourishing adult a small

bit. Katherine and her manager mom took critique for being

challenging to work with in a past. How does it

feel for we to have somebody as smashing as Alfred

have your back? It feels validating. You know what? If

he is fine with me we consider I’m okay. So

— You know — Much improved about myself. The thing

is we don’t like when people are being meant and

vicious. And we will come a assist of my people.

The comment is he has reduction than 8 hours to

live. “State of affairs” shows dual women in absolute positions.

But Heigl’s impression creates controversial choices in her rsonal life

after a genocide of her fiance who was a president’s

son. Who has to be during work during 2:00 in

the morning? we called we a cab. Much like Olivia

pope there is hanky panky in this white house. The

first family is carrying sex, though. We are. We have

a healthy marriage. A lot of sex between a boss

and her husband. Are we shedding a panoply on a

show? Oh, my goodness, no way. They don’t wish me

to. we offering to. They keep creation me put on

a nighty. ♪ You have done my life finish —

You hear me? Yeah. ♪ And we adore we so.

It’s a small hot. Thank we unequivocally much. The voice

is back. Barbara streisand are back. Singing final night on

“The tonight show” a genuine partnership can be found on

her new manuscript called “Partners” they make strain 37 years

after Elvis left a building for good. But Barbara and

the aristocrat once came tighten to work together on a

big screen. ♪ Love me proposal adore me loyal —

One of Barbara’s some-more startling partners is Elvis Presley. His

vocal lane was sent to a studio for her to

record with. It was easy to do. we was some-more

into Johnny math a than Elvis Presley during first. As

the years went by we started to conclude Elvis in

a approach that astounded me. Then we began to unequivocally

think he was also a good actor. And that’s when

we approached him to be in “Star is born” it

was a law and existence during a time his star

was loss and cave was arrange of descending and he

wanted to do it. Elvis’s manager pronounced no to a

idea. As for Billy Joel he credits Barbara for assisting

his career. She put him on a map as a

song author when she reported “New York state of mind.”

He now earnings a favor. ♪ we don’t caring if

it’s chinatown ♪ ♪ or on stream side”. Gotze get

some pizza. Or China. Barbara goes countriry with Blake Shelton.

He creates a impertinent curtsy to one of her many

famous roles. ♪ You’ll be that humorous lady to me.

It would be fun to do a – nation strain

and he’s one of a best and he’s on that

TV uncover and unequivocally desirable and he has a good

voice and a good accent. we adore that nation accent.

♪ How low is a sea ♪ When he was

15 we listened him sound behind his sealed door. And

I suspicion that’s a many pleasing hum. ♪ How many

do we adore we — Barbara’s son, now 47 resisted

singing professionally until a few years ago observant his mom

was such an idol he didn’t wish people to review

them. Eventually he could no longer repudiate his passion and

Jason and his mom group adult for strain “How low

is a ocean”. we know we adore my mom and

I know she loves me. That’s it, baby. Yeah, Jason.

And Jason has considerable jeans. His father is Elliot Gould

who is considerations for “Access Hollywood” supposing by — Final

45 time. Jessica biel creates her TV lapse in a

season 4 premier of “New girl” tonight. She plays a

rivals conflict over a same man yet it’s a chemistry

between a twin is funny. She is so humorous in

this episode. She is giving me such confidence. Can we

live in my pocket? Sure. We have to speak about

my advantages in a pocket. Will we get Reading element

or anything? The quarrel turns into a danceoff. Jessica dominates

using a tip weapon. Bye-bye. An earthquake? No, only my

butt moving. we wouldn’t contend it’s good yet it’s something

to witness. It’s legitimately good. Them,

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