A startup sparks conversations with Syrian refugees

May 26, 2016 - accent chair

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From her Los Angeles home, Kelsey Norman Skypes a Syrian interloper about once a week to discuss in Arabic. – Reema Khrais/Marketplace

About once a week, Kelsey Norman plops into a chair during her kitchen list in Los Angeles, fires adult Skype and dials Asalah Razzouk, a interloper vital in a plateau of Lebanon.

A Syrian TV uncover echoes in a credentials as a dual locate up. They discuss about a weather, weekend skeleton and a rabble pier adult in Lebanon—all in Arabic. Razzouk listens delicately to Norman’s diction and grammar, prepared to give feedback.

The dual have been assembly this approach for months by a startup called NaTakallam, or “we speak” in Arabic. The online height pairs Syrian refugees like Razzouk with people around a universe who wish to brush adult on their Arabic. 

“This is a approach for me to continue vocalization with someone,” pronounced Norman, a PhD tyro study emigration and citizenship, who’s been training Arabic for a final few years. “Also, we spent a lot of time in a past dual years interviewing refugees and migrants, and we know how formidable it is to find work.”

Over a final few months, Norman has finished some-more than 20 sessions with NaTakallam, during about $15 an hour.  Has her Arabic improved?  

“I wish so,” she pronounced with a laugh. “[Razzouk] would be a improved decider of that than me.”

“Yes, she is better,” Razzouk said, chuckling. 

Razzouk, 32, fled Al-Salamiyah, Syria a integrate years ago, withdrawal her family behind. She and her father are among a some-more than 1 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, where 70 percent live next a misery line. 

“Everything in Syria, we skip it,” she said.

Razzouk used to learn center school. She also has a grade in economics and had designed to continue her preparation before a fight pennyless out. Her resume, however, doesn’t volume to most in Lebanon, where locking down a pursuit as a interloper can be difficult.

“I demeanour for a pursuit and we pronounce with many friends, though we can't [find one],” she said.  

Before her new gig, she kept bustling reading books during a library and examination American TV shows while her husband, a journalist, was during work. Today, she chats with several students around a world– Switzerland, Australia, U.S. – creation roughly $400 a month. 

“We clearly know that there’s an impact,” pronounced Aline Sara, who co-founded NaTakallam. “We have Syrians who are creation a full-time salary, or dual or 3 times a smallest salary in places like Lebanon and Egypt.”

Syrian tutors accept $10 an hour; a rest of a income goes toward handling costs, like progressing a website and travel. To assistance partisan teachers, a startup has been operative with a Beirut-based nonprofit organization Sawa for Development and Aid.

Sara pronounced she came adult with a thought for NaTakallam final year after finishing connoisseur propagandize during Columbia University. As a Lebanese-American, she wanted to whet her possess Arabic.

“My grandma would provoke me and say, ‘You’ve been study Arabic for so many years and we still pronounce with a damaged accent!’” she pronounced with a laugh.

But perfecting her accent is zero compared to rising a business. She’s had to conflict stereotypes about Syrian refugees, understanding with indeterminate internet and electricity in unfamiliar countries and, of course, lift money.

So far, NaTakallam has sealed adult roughly 30 Syrians around a universe – from Brazil to Egypt – to work with some-more than 150 students during a given time.

“It’s not us assisting them since they’re unfortunate refugees. It’s us leveraging all they have to offer,” pronounced Sara, adding that many of a refugees are architects, lawyers and former students.

For denunciation learners, it’s an event to use conversational Arabic, that is mostly left out in U.S. classes. Most denunciation courses concentration on exemplary Arabic. 

In fact, some universities have motionless to group adult with NaTakallam to give their students a possibility to element their normal classes with Skype conversations. Swarthmore College and George Washington University, for example, are environment aside tiny supports to assistance cover costs.

“It’s a good approach to be in your bedroom in Brooklyn and pronounce to someone who’s in a plateau in Lebanon who can share your story, though also assistance we use your Arabic,” Sara said.

source ⦿ http://www.marketplace.org/2016/05/19/world/start-sparks-conversation-syrian-refugees

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