5 Things You Might Have Missed In ‘American Gods’ Episode 5, ‘Lemon Scented You’

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This week’s part of American Gods utterly literally shoved a glossy bullion construction silver down a gullets. After 5 episodes, we now know Mr. Wednesday’s true temperament is Odin, a God of a Gallows, and that he’s waging a fight — roughly singular handedly — opposite a New Gods: Mr. World (the essence of Globalization), Media and Technical Boy. Sure, we kind of had an inkling this is what was going on, though “Lemon Scented You” spelled it out for us.

Yet on possibly side of a rainbow-filled representation assembly that laid this redundancy unclothed were many cold small Easter Eggs that give a most larger abyss to a story. So, if we can rip your eyes divided from examination Ian McShane arguing with a ebony on loop for 5 minutes, join us as we try by a coolest tidbits in this week’s installment of #AmericanGods.

SPOILERS: The rest of this essay will be filled with large aged spoilers for American Gods Episode 5 (and a book), so greatfully keep that in mind before we start screaming “YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE, DEAD WIFE” during me. Thanks.

1. Now There Are Starmen Waiting In The Sky

'American Gods' [Credit: Starz]
‘American Gods’ [Credit: Starz]

I’m customarily all about withdrawal a best until last, though Gillian Anderson’s essence of a late, good David Bowie was too ideal and contingency be talked about immediately. Her outfit — bluish satin suit, monochrome brogue-style boots, speckled tie, red wig and electric blue eyeshadow — was plucked loyal out of a “Life on Mars” video, and would have been adequate to take a uncover wholly on a own, to be utterly honest. But afterwards she goes on to not usually impersonate a icon’s mannerisms and his accent, though to facilely trip in a smallest of 7 strain references in reduction than 3 minutes. Here are a ones we caught:

  • Line: “Why we flattering thing, you.” Song: “Oh! You Pretty Things”
  • Line: “You’ve got your delivery and your live wire.” Song: “Rebel Rebel”
  • Line: “…but your circuit’s dead.” Song: “Space Oddity”
  • Line: “Take a demeanour during you, violence adult a wrong guy.” Song: “Life on Mars”
  • Line: “There is a apprehension in meaningful what Mr. World is about.” Song: “Under Pressure.”
  • Line: “Putting out glow with gasoline.” Song: “Cat People”
  • Line: “Now there are Starmen watchful in a sky.” Song: “Starman”

Pretty impressive, huh? What’s also unequivocally cold about this stage is that a whole review revolves around Technical Boy carrying to residence his open image. And who’s improved matched to propagandize someone on reinvention and personal code than Bowie?

2. What In The World Was That Tree?

It’s not each day we see an eyeball blink in a behind of a wooden chair, renovate into a outrageous branch, gash a chairman and afterwards follow them down a hallway, though then, American Gods does not understanding with bland things. And while it competence have felt a small like we were examination some wandering re-run of Ash vs. Evil Dead, this tree we were using divided from is indeed secure in Norse mythology. Maybe.

You’ve substantially beheld that a tree is apropos rather of a pitch in American Gods; it’s constantly in Shadow’s dreams among a skeleton in that creepy orchard; he was hung from one before — to counterfeit Mad Sweeney — his “ASSHOLE DEAD WIFE” incited up, butchered his assassins and set him free; and now this. And unfortunately for Shadow, it’s substantially not going to stop. This pitch is indication his fate. The tree is called Yggdrasil in Norse Mythology and means Odin’s equine a.k.a. a gallows or World Tree, and it is where Shadow will eventually reason a vigil, unresolved for 9 days, naked, over (SPOILERS) Mr. Wednesday’s passed body.

3. Who Is Mr. World?

'American Gods' [Credit: Starz]
‘American Gods’ [Credit: Starz]

As we might have clocked in Crispin Glover’s overwhelming intro debate in that he grinned like a sociopath before revelation Shadow how many group his mom had fucked during her lifetime (86 — get it, gurl), Mr. World is not a God to be messed with. He knows literally everything: your dreams, your fears, your movements, your passionate history, a sounds we hate, and a food we love. He is a personality of a New Gods, a tip of a chain, and is a vital incarnation of capitalism and globalization. He is a overlord of a media and a internet, and he is positively not to be trusted.

Readers of a book will already know his loyal identity, though for those curious, Mr. World is also Shadow’s former cellmate, Low Key Lyesmith a.k.a. Loki, a Norse God of Trickery, who happens to be a shapeshifter.

4. A Missile In His Name

'American Gods' [Credit: Starz]
‘American Gods’ [Credit: Starz]

The Coming to America introduction set a thesis for a whole episode: Here we would be training about what it means to be a God, and how a miss of a following and faith formula in their demise. It happened to Nunyunnini, and now it’s function to Mr. Wednesday. And what do gods need in sequence to save them from destruction? A sacrifice.

That’s accurately what Mr. World is charity Wednesday in his rainbow-fueled debate about dropping a nuke on North Korea. World claims that he would name a barb “Odin” — there, they pronounced his name out shrill — and use it to kill off 24.9 million people, that would be utterly a scapegoat to a God of a Gallows, and utterly a approach to get his name behind into circulation. They would, as Technical Boy said, be assisting him re-find his audience.

Of course, zero in this universe is finished from a good of a person’s heart; North Korea is not a pointless choice to obliterate. As a nation is distant from a rest of a globe, they do not play into Mr. World’s ideal of a “single tellurian market,” and so obliterating them around an Odin nuke would not usually meant a mass scapegoat for Wednesday, though concept mastery for World.

5. Incy Wincy Spider

It’s not a initial time Anansi has seemed to giveaway a male from bondage in a 5 episodes of American Gods we’ve had so far, and we unequivocally wish it won’t be a last. Rounding adult with a spirit some-more apparent than a others — though equally as fun — a small spider that unlocks Wednesday and Shadow’s shackles in a Police Department is, of course, Mr. Nancy — the spider God we met on a worker boat in Episode 2!

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