5 Cool Ways to Refresh Your Home From One of New York’s Chicest Design Shops

March 31, 2016 - accent chair

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Coming Soon

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Peering by a pinkish neon sign–decorated window of a Lower East Side pattern store Coming Soon, we will see a smartly curated collection of jewel-tone selected furniture, mid-century tables and lamps, handmade vases and dishware in peculiar shapes, and maybe a lead Mylar balloon or two. This covetable combination of quirky home products is a invention of a store’s talented owners Fabiana Faria and Helena Barquet. The span has a knack for injecting a ideal volume of cocktail into a home—particularly useful during a open deteriorate when cleaning, changing, and reinventing is during a tip of everyone’s interior to-do list.

Below, with pinkish lights and vinyl clearly on their minds, Faria and Barquet share their favorite ways to liven adult your space for a new deteriorate that will keep we smiling distant into a next.

Get artistic with reupholstery
“I would positively suggest reupholstering chairs to modernise any space,” says Barquet. “Chairs tend to need many reduction fabric than say, a sofa, and we can save a lot by reupholstering a smaller accent or dining chair. we also adore blending fabrics to give one singular square that additional cocktail and uniqueness. For example, one of a many new pieces we redid during a store was a chair that we lonesome in a low purple fabric on a chair and behind and on a sides we combined a white vinyl that unequivocally extended a singular form. Velvets are good though vinyl is unsentimental since it will final a prolonged time.”

Turn a lightbulbs on
“I’m all about lamps,” says Faria. “I frequency ever spin on beyond lights when I’m in my apartment. One of my favorite things to do is to go to a inexpensive lighting stores and get all sorts of opposite tone bulbs. My favorite tone is pink. Pink light is unequivocally balmy and mixes good with unchanging shimmering lights.”

Brighten adult a bathroom
“Another place to be unequivocally artistic with your lighting is in a bathroom. At a store, we have one of those tone light strips in pinkish and when you’re in there, it only changes your mood completely,” says Barquet. “We lonesome a Coming Soon lavatory with a photo-realistic wallpaper of a jungle, combined a orator with jungle sounds playing, and once we combined a pinkish light frame it unequivocally all came together perfectly.”

Punctuate with hints of color
“Both of a homes are indeed embellished all white. What gives them their tone is a accessories—the art, a blanket, a colorful tassel, an engaging vase with flowers, a copper bowl, plants. A few accent pieces like these can unequivocally lighten adult a home though going overboard,” says Faria.

Let some gift in
“Adding offbeat-decor equipment to your space can make it feel many lighter and some-more lived-in,” says Barquet. “Grace Villamil creates a Mylar tent that we once had in a store and it came as a pack so we could build it yourself. It was fun saying it in people’s homes and it unequivocally does liven adult a room. Mylar balloons are another object we can work with for spring. They final a unequivocally prolonged time and instead of flowers, maybe try removing some balloons to hang out in a dilemma or adult on a ceiling. I’d also suggest adding a tiny though resolutely patterned rug, colorful light strips, and mirrors to make a space seem bigger and some-more energetic than it was before.”


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